Birth of Trey

My mother’s day started out well. I woke up with my sweet girl curled between Pete and I and thoughts of my 9am race floated through my mind. I must admit I didn’t give D’s pending labour much thought. Who really has a baby on Mother’s Day?

I returned home from my race at 10am […]

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Birth of Mason

A Miracle Named Mason

The most beautiful thing in this world is new life. We often are struck with awe when we observe a plant sprouting or a watch a bird hatch out of its egg.

Likewise, the birth of a human being is nothing short of magnificent. As a birth doula, I have come to realize the importance […]

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Birth of Nora

Jessica had enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy full of activities of yoga, looking after and walking her dogs and eating well, while dutifully taking her lavender/nettle tincture.

She passed her suspected “due date” and was hoping to avoid an induction, so she opted to prepare her body by practising her hypnobirthing techniques she had learned in her […]

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Birth of Esme

Little friend,

You’re Esmé now. You were born this morning at 8:08 am – very good fortune (all these eights). You had a full head of hair – a sign of vitality. Although unexpectedly early, your birth went very well.

Fortunately, earlier this week, your Vepa (grandfather) was here and helped me […]

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Birth of Kaiva

3:30 am (Rolling around in bed.) Was that a dream or is Les in labour? Did she just call here or was that a dream? Get drink of water….back to bed. Mental note to call her in a.m.

7:00 am Awoken by milk thirsty toddler. Think of Les. Must remember […]

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