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Join the APND in Vancouver for its FIRST Western Symposium. We are very excited to be featuring Gloria Lemay and Anthony Cheung MD as they share their experience and expertise with you.

Robert Davis, celebrated birth activist and educator, will be presenting lively, interactive session on Nutrition in Pregnancy, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, and Waterbirth.

Technology in prenatal care is growing unabated but only two things are supported by science to improve the health of the fetus. The first is improving the nutrition of the pregnant woman. The second is social support for the pregnant woman. In this workshop, we’ll review practical methods of supporting pregnant women to eat, not only for a baby to survive, but rather to produce a blue ribbon baby who will have the very best chance to have a highly functioning brain and body.

As the rate of cesarean operations continues to climb ever higher, more and more women want to have information on the safety and advisability of planning a vaginal birth after cesarean. In this workshop, we will look into the causes of the cesarean epidemic and how to best insure that women who want to avoid major abdominal surgery know how to get the odds on their side for a vaginal birth despite a uterine scar. The VBAC candidate often has special needs in pregnancy to overcome the trauma of her surgical experience psychologically. The ability of her care providers to listen to her history and fears of the future birth can make a critical difference to the VBAC outcome. Each time a woman gives birth, her obstetrical future is at stake.

There is so much more to water birth than just getting into a tub! Learn to assess the effect of water immersion on the birth process and to address safety concerns. Get tricks of the trade for creating the right environment for surrender and deep relaxation. Gloria will address how to monitor vital signs, maintaining the right temperature and cleanliness of the water, handling meconium, nuchal cord and stuck shoulders.

Joe Carey, MD will be discussing Fertility Medications and Adjunct Therapy to Optimize Pregnancy Success in 2016.

This presentation explains current fertility medications and adjunct therapy used to optimize pregnancy success and related trends and controversies:

What are the commonly used fertility medications and their roles? Anti-estrogen (Clomiphene, Letrozole), Gonadotropins (FSH, LH) and hCG. GnRH agonist and antagonist.

When should progesterone be used for luteal phase support?

What are the roles of some popular adjunct therapy? Growth hormone, DHEA, low-dose aspirin and sildenafil, etc.

Lifestyle, diet and some supplements


We hope that you can join us to make this first APND event in BC a great success! Space is limited.