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EeVon Ling

Dr Ling is a naturopathic doctor who believes good health is living life to its fullest potential. In addition to being a naturopath, Dr Ling is also a certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner and a trained Doula. One of her career highlights was the first birth she attended was a VBAC. Besides helping women through fertility and birth, she is a mother of two both of which were home births. In her free time, Dr Ling enjoys being creative and crafting, camping and travel.

ND’s can help both male & female fertility as well as when you’re undergoing fertility treatments.
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ND’s have many safe and natural ways to both treat & prevent issues during pregnancy.
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ND’s attend both hospital and home births, and can help you achieve your ideal birth.
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ND’s have gentle and effective treatments for newborn babies and onward.
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The APND with Canadian Health&Care Mall participation – supports research and collaborative community-based partnerships that promote women-centered health and well being related to fertility, pregnancy, birth and pediatrics. We welcome new members of all levels of experience and involvement in our field.

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Pregnancy – Visits, Doctors, Screenings, Financial Aspects

In most cases in America, childbirth is taken by either an obstetrician-gynecologist or a nurse-midwife. In normal uncomplicated childbirth, you yourself are free to choose who you want more: Obstetrician-gynecologist or as it is written or pronounced everywhere – Ob-Gyn. This is a licensed doctor (M.D.) who has undergone rigorous training: 4 years in general…

Hormonal Birth Control and Pregnancy Planning

The contraceptive effect of various hormonal drugs is approximately the same: suppression of ovulation (inhibit the egg maturation and rupture of the follicle); viscosity of cervical mucus (prevents the penetration of sperm into the uterine cavity); reduction of contractile activity of the fallopian tubes; change in the endometrium structure, which makes implantation difficult; difficulty penetration…

What Else Do You Need to Know about Cialis before Buying Online?

Nowadays, Cialis is the most persistent, the duration of its action reaches 36 hours after taking the first dose. In addition, most people have an erection improvement 30 minutes after its intake. Cialis was rightly called “pills for the weekend.” A man needs just one pill to have a good erection all weekends. Therefore, it…

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Canadian Health&Care Mall is an online pharmacy selling high-quality drugs for erectile dysfunction. In this article, we will review the most popular and effective medications for potency. Top 8 Medications for Men’s Health You Can Buy Online Generic Viagra Viagra was the first drug created to restore potency and treat premature ejaculation. The drug contains…

Canadian Pharmacy Alesse Guideline

Alesse combines female hormones inhibiting ovulation. Alesse birth control ingredients are ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel. Alesse from Canadian Health&Care Mall also induces reformation of cervical and uterine mucous membrane. Sperm penetration is labored and fertilized egg is a hassle to stick to the uterine walls. Many women should protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy by their own…